• Pray for a lessening of the tension between the Israelis and Palestinians.
  • For Ramallah and Ramla’s upcoming Christmas outreach meetings.
  • For strength for Pastor Munir as he directs the ministries. Pray for anointing as he preaches/teaches multiple times weekly in Ramallah and Ramla and other churches.
  • For continued steps towards real unity of the Body of Christ in the Land.
  • For the light of Christ to shine stronger in the Middle East amid persecutions.
  • For the seed that has been sown in the hearts of the children to grow.
  • For strength and joy for the new disciples to continue in their way without looking back.
  • For the people of God to trust in no one but Him to face the unknown future.
  • Please pray for us as we are overcrowded in our current building, and are unable to find any other affordable meeting place.
  • Pray that we continue to make an impact for Christ on the people of this area.
  • Pray for peace in this land.
  • Pray for wisdom and grace in our church leadership.
  • Pray that we meet our monthly ministerial budget.
  • Pray for the safety of the church members during times of political instability.
  • Pray for economic provision for our church family.


  • We praise the Lord for the ability to help many children with their educational, spiritual and physical needs.
  • For safe travel in and out of the country.
  • For the movement of the Holy Spirit in our services and imparting healing.
  • For supplying our needs and your partnership with us.
  • For stirring thirst into people’s hearts to seek the truth and grow in the knowledge of Christ.



Short term missions are a wonderful way for individuals to participate in missionary work. It will change your life!

  • Help during summer camp. Usually mid-June through early July. (Sometimes a church will bring a team of teachers/volunteers to work a week in the summer camp program, similar to Vacation Bible School). This requires organization between the Ramallah church and the local church. Please contact us if your church has an interest in this.
  • Summer work teams. We can use work teams in the summer for painting and light maintenance work. Please contact us if you have a work team that would be interested in a summer project.
  • Tutoring and helping in the children’s home. Volunteers are needed anytime between mid-August through the end of June. We can use help with the children’s home, tutoring English and taking care of the children. Must love children and enjoy playing and being around them! Volunteers must have a servant’s heart and be willing to do anything needed at the children’s home, even washing dishes! Volunteers need to pay for their own living expenses as we do not have housing available for volunteers currently. We would request tutoring volunteers stay at least 3 months. We have a form for tutoring volunteers to complete. Contact us and let us know of your plans.

Sponsor a Child

Child sponsorship is one amazing and transformative experience. Investing in children’s lives can give each child a brighter hope for the future

Many families are able to function with some assistance, and the Home of New Life has been able to sponsor children living at home by providing extra monthly help for the families to survive.
These funds help provide schooling for the children, and in addition a hot meal and special tutoring are available for them as needed.

  • A loving residential home or the opportunity to remain with his/her stable family
  • Quality Christian education
  • Nutritional meals for a balanced diet
  • Dedicated staff and tutors to meet the children’s needs

Please contact us and let us if you would like to sponsor a boy or girl, and approximate ages. We will give you further information about child sponsorship.


Other ways to help

Current needs

  • Rent for Monthly Facilities
  • Funds to Operate Community Center Programs
  • School Tuition for Boys at the Home

Our vision

We desire to purchase a piece of land and a building to make a permanent Christian center as a witness in the town of Ramallah. Please keep this vision in your prayers.