Ramallah Local Church

In the heart of the troubled West Bank is a light of hope for the people. Ramallah Local Church has been the epicenter for spreading the Gospel message of salvation and hope in Ramallah since 1978, while maintaining a heart of service to the surrounding community.

Many in the West Bank have suffered during the political turmoil due to the economic conditions and unemployment. The church has helped to provide food vouchers and food baskets to people with demonstrated financial needs.

Our primary goal is to share Jesus Christ. This is done through a variety of activities for people of various ages. Whether through Sunday worship services, Bible study classes, youth meetings, children’s programs, ladies’ meetings, couples’ meetings or the numerous other activities and events held throughout the year, the church aims at delivering and practicing the core message of the gospel of Christ. At the end of the school year, we have a summer camp, a day program that runs for approximately four weeks operating in the church. This is a great time for ministry as well as outreach.

Due to the lack of space, the church currently shares the building with the Home of New Life. We are currently praying and raising support to be able to obtain a facility that would more adequately meet the expanding needs of our congregation.