Home of New Life

The Home of New Life was founded in 1997 to host deprived children whose families were unable to provide the basic necessities for their children. The children come from a variety of different backgrounds and beliefs.

The Home provides a loving environment with a “sense of belonging” as well as caring for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs. The goal is to help the children grow in a normal environment full of love and support that will prepare each child to become an important and productive member of society.

Children in the West Bank have suffered physically and emotionally from the political and economic tensions in the area; many have not known a life without violent confrontation and conflict. Due to these factors, an increase in abuse, divorce, and dysfunctional families exists.

One out of every five Palestinian children suffers from a lack of nutrition and family care. An enormous need exists for the involvement of social, psychological and community services. The trauma of the occupation has required intense treatment for adequate care of children.

Non-governmental organizations and charitable societies have played a dynamic role since the 1967 military occupation; however, a number of non-profit services fall short of meeting the increasing demands. As a result, more children are turning to drugs, smoking, soliciting, and consequently encountering molestation, abuse, and violence.

In the town of Ramallah, there is a shortage of institutional child services. Private institutions and agencies provide limited services in health, education, recreation, and vocational training. These resources are day programs, which often cannot be attended by those who need them most due to their schooling. Proper care and treatment are scarcely available, if found at all. Unfortunately, we do not have a government-based welfare program, and the private welfare agencies offer very limited assistance for the extensive number of impoverished families and orphans.

For the above reasons, the Home of New Life opened its doors for children from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Home provides a stable, loving environment for personal growth and confidence.