The City of Ramallah

Ramallah, one of the largest cities in the West Bank, has been our site of ministry since 1978. Ramallah is a relatively modern city with Jerusalem-style high-rise buildings. In the past, Ramallah constituted a tourism and entertainment center. The city of Ramallah has a population of about 25,000. However, the population swells during the work day as workers from nearby villages swarm into the city. The Ramallah District includes 88 villages, giving the Ramallah area a population of 220,000.

Ramallah is the de-facto capital of the West Bank, Palestine. It is also the administrative and economic capitol of the West Bank, and Bir Zeit University is nearby. The town has been ravaged by violence and conflict. Ordinary people have suffered much through the political ups and downs in the West Bank. This led to many families having trouble meeting the financial requirements for the bare necessities of existence.

Ramallah was founded around 1500 A.D. and means “Hill of God”. The area is closely related to some Bible stories. Bethel, where Jacob dreamt of the ladder and fought with the angel is only 4 miles away. Also very close are the ruins of Ai, where the Israelites were defeated in battle following the sin of Achan. Adjacent to Ramallah is the town of Bireh, believed to be the spot where Mary and Joseph realized that Jesus was not with them after their visit to Jerusalem.

Dr. Munir and Sharon Kakish have been serving in Ramallah since 1978. Currently, RCO Ministries consists of four areas: Ramallah Local Church, Ramla Local Church, New Life Community Center and The Home of New Life (HNL).